Saturday, 15 September 2012

Beer can chicken

This obnoxious technique will produce flavourful and moist bird flesh. First prepare the liquid. Open a can of beer and drink a quarter of it. This was the worst part because I used a terrible beer some marketer or other gave me on the street. Bud lite lime mojito or somesuch insult to the public palate.

Add to the open can the garlic and a slice of lime. Fill the gaping cavity of bird with the rest of the lime, sliced. Insert can into bird. Be gentle. Keep the bird upright on its precarious perch.

Season bird with salt and pepper and brush on mixture of 4 Tbsp olive oil and mustard. Add chopped vegetables and remaining olive oil around bird. Zucchini and corn are two other great options.

Beware of chicken from chinatown.
Remove can from chicken. 

What remains is tender, juicy, flavourful and delicous bird meat. The next day the garlic flavour came through very strongly with a hint of refreshing lime. This made a great chicken salad sammich. 
Out of focus sammiches are the best because it means they were too appetizing to take a second picture.

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