Thursday, 19 January 2012

Caraway Seed

It was interesting. It's not that it didn't work. Parts of it did, but something was missing. The strong, earthy flavour of the seed definitely pierced through the strength of the espresso. The balance was there, so it wasn't that. Starting at the tip of the tongue, it washed all the way back down the throat. I just wouldn't want to drink it more than as an occasional novelty.

You know, it might work as an accompaniment to a deli sandwich. With the flavours of a good cut of deli meat, some sharp cheese and mustard on rye already in your mouth, this shot might be a really nice finish to the meal; the bready tone of the caraway unifying the coffee with the sandwich. Without a deli nearby, it was impossible to test the theory.

Drinking a double long espresso after our taste testing, I had a thought. The bitterness brought out by the long pull is surprisingly similar to the flavour of the caraway. Perhaps the similarity caused a clash, despite the more floral single pull we taste with.

In any case, it didn't work as a stand alone drink. Not even with chocolate! I guess it isn't cheating to use it after all. At the end of the day, caraway didn't enhance the coffee in any way. Better luck next time.

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