Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Poached egg with spinach & pesto on a biscuit

Last week, Ladypants brought back a box of biscuits from trip to Georgia. Real, southern biscuits, a treat I'd not previously enjoyed. After enjoying a few buttery mouthfuls, they went right into the freezer to keep them as fresh as possible. And then it was the weekend and time for brunch. A culinary blasphemous idea struck me. A biscuit version of eggs florentine.

I decided against making hollandaise sauce when I read the recipe and nearly gagged at how much butter was in it. The biscuits are buttery enough, so adding more would be redundant to the point of overkill. Instead, I replaced it with a basil pesto.

I have never poached eggs successfully before, not being much of an egg eater anyways, so I decided to cheat. I wrapped the eggs in cling film and soft boiled them for 4 minutes. Let them cool a bit, and when you unwrap them, they look pretty much like poached eggs. Perhaps, more bulbous. Pile them on a pesto and spinach coated biscuit, top with salt, pepper and a dollop of pesto and you should have something like this:

Delicious! A bit messy to eat, especially if you end up with one of the biscuit tops. I'd make these for brunch again in a heartbeat. They would be pretty quick to whip up for a crowd too.

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Ilana MacDonald said...

Mmm... that was super delicious. I won't complain if you make it again!