Monday, 19 March 2012

Atlantean Mini-Quiches & Iced Fennel Espresso

Last week for Pi Day, I had made a batch of mini quiches. Regrettably, I erased my chalkboard and the recipe was lost. They got some good comments at the party though. It was pretty much the other quiche recipe but with  crust made by Ladypants, avocado lined bottoms, feta cheese, and a whole sun-dried kalamata olive floating on top of each one. But, the exact recipe is forever lost.

Today is the first day of the year we breach 20 degrees. In honour of the occasion, I tried a fennel iced espresso. Very refreshing. Unfortunately, all the fennel flavour was lost, even though I over-proofed (for lack of a better word) the spice level. In fact, a lot of the subtleties of the brew were lost with the temperature. I think we'll leave iced drink flavours to the syrup companies.

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