Thursday, 1 March 2012


We are reaching the bottom of our experimental infusion idea barrel. That means trying some weird ones, like Matcha. It smells like grass, and not the fun kind. But hey, maybe something unexpected will happen and it will taste good.

Nope, it tastes like grass. Fresh cut, moo food. One of Brian's customers likes it as a soy milk cappuccino, so we added a bit of steamed milk to make a macchiato. Still tastes like grass. Sweeter and subtler grass, but still unmistakably there. Maybe some people like that sort of thing, vegans perhaps, but apparently I'm not one of them. Definitely not vegan if you had any doubts after the Bacon experiment earlier this week.

Oh well, we have 5 or 6 recipes we can use for a cupping, or tasting in normal, non-coffee jargon English. So, get excited for that within the next couple of weeks.

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