Monday, 5 March 2012

Cilantro pesto

It turns out pesto is really easy to make. And it doesn't have to be expensive either. Today I used cilantro instead of basil and thought about using cheap sunflour seeds instead of expensive pine nuts, but I already had pine nuts, so I'll use them up first.

I tasted sunflower pesto at a nearby restaurant, Uncle Betty's, and it was fantastic! It adds a sunflower flavour that I thought worked very well with basil. I didn't miss the pine nuts at all. I spoke to the owner about it and he said made the switch to avoid nut allergies. Economical, tasty, and won't kill people by accident! I'd call that a win.

I'll try that myself another time, but I thought cilantro would make for another interesting substitution. I didn't change the rest of the recipe, but I think I should have. With cilantro, it came out a bit oily for my taste. It is much more of a liquid than the basil one was. I think the cilantro has more water in it than basil. Oh, and I added one less clove of garlic. Last time, the garlic flavour took over the next day. Hopefully it will tighten up overnight. 

I'm going to put this on everything! Starting with my current favourite sammich, grilled chicken & avocado with old cheddar on flax seed bread:

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