Friday, 23 March 2012

Curry roasted chicken on pesto couscous

Yesterday we tried curry espresso. It was horrible. We are running out of ideas. But it inspired me to make a chicken curry. Not a traditional curry, in the form of a wet rub.

I started by separating and trimming the excess fat from the leg quarters of the chicken, what I find the most flavourful part of the bird. Especially the thighs. I like to cut off the nubs of the drumstick.

Then I made a wet rub and massaged it into the pieces. I arrayed them in a foil lined pan and baked them in the oven for 20min at 425, then another 40min at 350.

The chicken turned out so tender and juicy, to the point of rivaling buttermilk marinated pieces. The rub was a little bit spicy, with loads of flavour and depth.

A lot of people say they hate anchovies, and that might be true if eaten plain, but they disappear into a sauce, providing a depth of flavour not recognizable as any sort of fish. Try them again, and as with many things, the cheapest anchovies will taste the worst. 

I served the chicken on a bed of pesto couscous and a couple beets. The pesto I used this time was a hybrid basil cilantro pesto. It wasn't as good as either herb on its own, but is still quite tasty. 

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