Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Coriander Espresso

Most expectations of coriander seeds stem from Indian food or grandma's pickles. Adding it to espresso doesn't match either of those, but as in the above examples, balance is the key to great taste. It doesn't take much to completely change the shot.

Today, Brian of The Mad Bean and I are fine tuning our recipe. We've settled on a delivery method to standardize how much of what spice goes into the holder for a consistent cup: salt/pepper shakers. Cheap and effective.

Just a few shakes brings a lemon freshness to the cup without overwhelming the subtleties of the Steampunk blend. It is more than just citrus notes though, coriander washes over the palate toying with the coffee's natural nuttiness. The balance is there; another recipe completed.

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Micah Barron said...

I love this! A double espresso, a little foam on top and a dash or coriander is now my Sunday morning coffee.