Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bacon Espresso

In the heart of the Jewish section of town, we have done the unthinkable, infused Brian's Steampunk espresso with smoked Bacon. That's right, Bacon. Always capitalized, always delicious. The idea came to us over pints of seasonal Darkside Black IPA at the local Granite micro brew pub. This morning it still sounded good, so I fried some up nice and crispy to try out.

With a good healthy pinch on the bottom of the holder, the espresso struggled to escape its super hot pressurized puck. It was well worth the effort because the resulting brew was better than expected. Few smells are better than frying bacon and brewing coffee. Imagine them combined and you pretty much know the aroma. A mild smokiness combined very nicely with the strong brew.

Bacon made the shot a bit oilier than normal. Not to an unpleasant or even disagreeable degree, but noticeably. The smoky bacon umami lingered on the palate aside the normal coffee aftertaste for quite some time. I liked it quite a bit. While I wouldn't drink it every day, I could see myself enjoying a cup once a week, but Brian didn't like it nearly so much. Possibly to do with the smokey taste. Don't worry bacon lovers, I'll try to turn him around so you can have a taste.

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