Friday, 17 February 2012

Spice Mix Round 3

Attempting to balance out the cardamom as described yesterday, I modified the spice mix recipe to have more cinnamon and coriander. I may have overcompensated. The espresso tasted heavily of cinnamon that left a bit too much of a bitter aftertaste for either of our liking.

Brian suggested that it might be better with milk because a lot of customers sprinkle cinnamon on their cappuccinos and lattes. So, I punched up the strength of the infusion with approximately double the regular espresso amount and Brian mixed us up a couple macchiatos.

Delicious! The spices came through the milk cloud for a really balanced and flavourful drink. Cinnamon really does taste great in a milky coffee, which tends to mute most of the more interesting coffee notes. The spices replaced them with something worth tasting besides milk. I wouldn't use this spice mix for espresso again, but I think it is a keeper for a macchiato.

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