Monday, 13 February 2012

Squeaky Cheese Pulled Pork Poutine in Ottawa

While visiting some friends of mine in Ottawa, we decided to make pulled pork. In a bit of a time crunch, we skipped the brine step. It turns out this is a really important one. Not only does it make the meat taste better in the end, but it cuts down the cooking time. It still worked out, you just have to season and flavour your meat more than otherwise.

Barbeque sauce is also really important. While I used a smokey Texan BBQ sauce when I made it, in Ottawa we used a sweet garlic sauce. The flavour was completely different, so choose your sauce wisely. In the end, my favourite dish of the weekend was a poutine with squeaky curd cheese, homemade beer gravy, caramelized onions & peppers, baked homemade fries, and our hero pulled pork.

The next morning we broke our fast at a French Bistro with handmade croissants and amazingly delicious jam.  The French sure know their food.

 Unfortunately, my morning shot of double espresso left much to be desired.

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