Friday, 3 February 2012


Hoping for its natural sunny sweetness to shine through, today Brian and I attempted a Mad infusion of coconut into his nutty and aromatic house blend Steampunk espresso. I pictured myself being transported to a caribbean island. A coconut falls from a tree, cracking open hilariously on one of my dumber friends heads. Some of its delicate and sweet milk finds its way into my expertly pulled shot of espresso and my palate is obliterated with the pleasure of the drink.

None of that happened. Coconut gave the coffee a funny smell and made it taste almost burnt. None of the coconut flavour or natural sweetness came through. There was no caribbean beach or dumb friends, it just turned a great cup of espresso into an unpleasant experience. It transformed the brew in a similar way as the coriander seed did yesterday. Only worse, much worse. I still have that bad taste in my mouth.

Coconut in coffee is definitely not worth exploring. Perhaps as a Malibu mixed drink, possibly on ice, but absolutely not with our infusion method.

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