Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cardamom Coriander Espresso or Spice Mix Round 4

The final version of the spice mix removed cinnamon entirely and just focused on coriander and cardamom. It is a simple 2:1 ratio (measured before pulverizing) that made this mix perfect. The resulting brew was balanced to the point of being sophisticated. This one is now final, so you will be able to try it at The Mad Bean soon. And you really should! It is a great cup of coffee that will make you think about it without being cerebral.

That makes two commercially viable, tested, great tasting, and finalized specialty espresso shot recipes to date. A third recipe has been made but needs to be made commercially viable: Chili Nutmeg. The cayenne peppers I used for that recipe so far were from my friend's garden, so I have to find a good way to acquire dried peppers without seeds or where seeds can be removed easily that have a great pepper flavour without being too spicy. A challenge, but one I'm up to. I think a trip to Kensington market is in order.

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