Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pulled Pork Pita Pizza #4 & Pulled Pork Recipe

I've been stuck in a loop like a skipping record. All I've made for days now, it seems, has been these pulled pork pizzas. I'm not complaining, they are absolutely delicious! The smokiness of the Texan BBQ sauce compliments the tender pulled pork perfectly. And you can put pretty much whatever you have laying around on top of that as I've shown here.

Avocado was really fantastic, and red pepper has really tied some of the other ingredients to the pulled pork and I missed it when I left it out. One of the best toppings I've found is thinly sliced zucchini. Its delicate freshness with a touch of sweet against the smoky sauce was fantastic. Mixed with spinach, red pepper, and cheddar cheese, this is what I ended up with:

The moisture of the pulled pork keeps the pita from getting fully crispy as it often does as a pizza bottom. It is far from soggy, finding a balance in the chewy zone. Especially when made using a pizza stone. The stone heats from the bottom, preventing any possibility of sogginess. Putting cheese on the bottom as well as the top helps keep its structural integrity and holds the toppings in place. Don't over do the BBQ sauce, a very light coating, about a tablespoon and a half, is all you need.

Spinach worked better pre-wilted than just thrown on under the cheese. This was really easy when blanching a vegetable as you can put a handful in the bottom of the strainer before pouring off the water into it. I actually like that technique for spinach in a lot of dishes.

I highly encourage you to make this. But I suppose I need to tell you how to make pulled pork first. Brine a pork shoulder, one of the cheapest cuts of meat in the supermarket, for 12-24 hours in a mixture of half salty water and half cider vinegar. Drain off the liquid and slow cook for 10-12 hours on low in a mixture of salty red wine and cider vinegar. You could use beer too, that would be good. Pull apart pork with two forks. I saved the skin to use as a cooking fat, and scraped the marrow from the bones for extra flavour. That's it. Dead simple.

No more excuses, make this pizza already!!

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