Thursday, 2 February 2012

Coriander Seeds

I was hoping this spice would impart a lemony taste without actually being lemon, similar to yesterday's Rooibos with vanilla. Another patron of The Mad Bean enlightened me, saying Turkish coffee often has coriander seed added to it. A dark, harsh roast, I can imagine how a lighter flavour could brighten up the brew to make it easier to drink.

A generous thumb-forefinger pinch softened the shot significantly. It didn't take anything away from the taste of the coffee, rather mixed it up a bit, and added another layer of complexity. It had similar effects as nutmeg, but I liked this one much better. The lemony flavour I was expecting poked its head up for a look around, but didn't fully present itself. 

Normally a great shot of espresso on its own, Steampunk has distinctive nutty, floral and bitter coffee notes to it. Coriander seemed to flip them around so it seemed as if I was drinking a completely different blend of coffee. It tasted great, but the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. This is a flavour definitely worth pursuing. It has cracked my top five, stealing in at the fourth spot!

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