Thursday, 23 February 2012

Udon vegetable stir fry

Ingredients are to the left as well as a lime and sesame oil. You can barely see the ginger, and the bottles are soy and oyster sauce.

Saute in this order:
sesame oil with ginger
thyme (stripped from the stem) & cauliflour
red pepper, garlic, lime & bok choi
add sauces
udon noodles, with more oyster sauce on them.

This turned out ok, but was missing something. I put a bit of hot sauce on it but it was still only ok. Maybe a sweet element would work, but I'm loathe to add sugar to anything. It's why my jams always fail to gel. I ate some leftovers for lunch but it still didn't really do it for me. The bok choi was chewy and hard to eat. I'd separate the leaves or cut them in halves or quarters next time. Maybe mustard would have pulled it all together? The vegetables were at a well cooked for my taste but the flavour wasn't there. Suggestions in the comments please.

*Update* I added a bit of orange zest and Arbol peppers to the leftovers. It was tastier than before and quite enjoyable. My beard liked it too, catching a rather large slice of carrot to save for later.


Joanne said...

Rice vinegar? Chili oil? Sake? Just throwing some ideas out there...

Sam Zen said...

Another friend recommended orange zest and possibly juice. I think that and more spice (chili oil perhaps) would have made it work. Sake couldn't hurt ;)

Joanne said...

More spice is always good. I'm a fan of spicy food.